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Living Benefit Riders

A Common Dilemma
You’re building a good life for yourself and your family. You have accumulated assets in anticipation of a comfortable lifestyle at retirement. Purchasing life insurance will help provide a measure of security to your families in the event of death.

At your death, the income tax-free proceeds provided by life insurance are paid directly to your beneficiary; free from the costs, delays and publicity of probate. Additionally, while you are living, some types of life insurance have the potential to build cash value on a tax-deferred basis. Because the cash value belongs to you, you are allowed to borrow or withdraw from the policy.

There are many optional riders that may be available at additional cost, that may also be added to customize life insurance based on your needs, including such riders as:

• Waiver of Premium Rider
• Children’s Term Rider
• Other Insured Rider

But how do you protect against an unforeseen illness?
You don’t want to see all your hard earned assets jeopardized by expensive long-term care costs brought on by a terminal, chronic or critical illness.

So what can you do?
Americans are living longer. A higher standard of living and medical

An Uncommon Solution
You can add a rider to your insurance policy that will also protect you while you are alive from the potential financial impact of a terminal, chronic 0r critical illness. We call this life insurance you don’t have to die to use.