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Tax Free

Today is the day to invest time in your business and to maximize insurance sales in 2012/2013.

• If you want to differentiate yourself from the competition.

• If you want to double or triple your life sales this year.

• If you want to move away from selling a commodity contract and sell “up” by focusing on the benefits of a life insurance contract (i.e tax-free income).

• If your clients believe that the government is going to continue to raise income taxes and fees and these clients need help understanding other options to create as much tax-free income as they want.

• If your clients really want to create a lasting legacy.

• Whether you are an annuity or life producer, the nature of financial economics and current government programs, and the financial power of the products you sell as an adjunct or alternative to those programs, makes for a compelling discussion.
Patrick Kelly is a best-selling author and national

speaker. His latest book, “Tax-Free Retirement” is an easy, but effective read. In simple and logical terms, Patrick Kelly discusses the current government programs available to provide retirement income and proves that life insurance is one of the best ways to provide tax-free income.